Success Requirements.

My widdle baby kitchen

There are a few key things that I consider to make a successful food blog:

1. High-quality photographs,

2. Popular, decadent recipes, and

3. Devoted followers.

Of these things listed, I have none.

I live in a small apartment where the kitchen is literally a part of the living room, accommodating to maybe two cooks at most during the same meal preparation. I eat a sugar-free, vegan diet, and am constantly having to readjust recipes in order to nourish me in the way I’d like. I don’t even own my own camera.

Do you think that’ll stop me from making totally delectable, healthy food, promoting mindful eating habits, or sharing my passion for nutrition with others?



My name is Shelby.

As a twenty-year-old college student in small-town Arizona, I refuse to let my budget hinder the foods that I choose to nourish my body with. Choosing organic, vegan, sugar-free, and seasonal ingredients, I find pleasure and meditation in my kitchen sanctuary, whipping up fresh meals every single day. Studying Holistic Health & Wellness, I am devoted to a mindful, wholesome way of living:

and you bet that includes eating.

(That definitely doesn’t mean I don’t indulge once in awhile. Mmmm.)

Maybe I’ll never own a 12-pixel digital camera and wind up on the front page of FoodGawker. Maybe the only person who’ll follow my food adventures is my mother. Or maybe, just maybe, I’ll reach someone in New Zealand, leaving them feeling empowered to slow down, be present, and enjoy each bite to a fresh and extraordinary degree.

This is always your moment to have a new relationship with food. I am so thrilled to be able to share mine, ever-changing, ever-gratifying, with you.


Shelby, The Present Chef


4 responses

  1. Shelby ! I’m so impressed. Thank you for this fabulous & timely, beautiful & fun-to-read blog. My path is taking me *around* some beautiful food – like yours – so that I can start getting glimpses of how delicious & healing can co-exist, even for someone who has not (yet) been much into food prep. Looking forward to visiting again, or please add me to your mailing list. Would love it. Always, stephanie sepaugh

  2. I just read this entire blog and loved every second! you made me giggle and smile too many times to count. I love you and am so proud of you!


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